Operational Improvement

Understanding business operations and supply chains from end to end, we solve difficult problems and deploy practical, sustainable solutions.

Managing business operations and complex supply chains is imperative for the survival of manufacturing and distribution companies. Stiff international competition prevails and businesses are increasingly vulnerable to supply shortages. Digitization is driving a large-scale disruption on customer behaviors and the use of technology, while new market forces are proving incompatible with traditional strategic, economic, and operating models. Now more than ever, executives need to quickly shift the way they compete and create value for customers.

We have deep expertise in techniques that drive dramatic results and set high improvement targets resulting in huge competitive advantages:

Area of Improvement

  • Manufacturing Lead Time

  • Setup/change over time and cost

  • Work-in-Process Inventory

  • Direct Labor

  • Indirect Labor

  • Quality Defects

  • Customer Service Lead Time

  • Warehouse/Distribution Space

Improvement %









Improvement %

  • Manufacturing Lead Time: 75-90%
  • Setup/change over time and cost: 75-80%
  • Work-in-Process Inventory: 75-90%
  • Direct Labor: 15-20%
  • Indirect Labor: 25-40%
  • Quality Defects: 20-30%
  • Customer Service Lead Time: 40-50%
  • Warehouse/Distribution Space: 40-50%

The single most important element in our methodology is a tenacious focus on simplicity and setting high targets for improvement. We often encounter technologically-complex solutions to complex problems. Complex designs are developed because too many problems are accepted as inevitable components of the processes. Though simplicity is difficult to achieve, its results are extraordinary and sustainable.

Our services include:

  • Inventory and lead time reduction
  • Manufacturing process design and deployment
  • Supply Chain and Operations strategy
  • Supplier Management / Procurement
  • Business model changes driven by drastic lead time reduction
  • Quality and safety management

driving differentiation.

Innovative operations

Supply Chain ‘achieved benefits’ Examples

Uniquely, Alvarado Grant works with management to set remarkably high targets, typically in the range of 50 to 90 percent. This approach enables our joint teams to devise entirely new manufacturing and distribution methods needed to achieve the objectives. The responsible teams devise low-cost solutions with fast payback periods, and in doing so, eliminate preconceived obstacles and drive simplification.

Our team members have worked in a variety of industries with different challenges. One common thread is the ability to achieve drastic operational improvements. Below are examples from various industries:






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