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In today's fast-moving business climate, change is accelerating. With decades of success helping companies navigate complex challenges and implement meaningful change, our experienced team delivers the knowledge and expertise required to take your business to the next level.

With Raul Alvarado and Robert Grant at the helm, the firm utilizes a deep network of professionals that offer targeted skill sets to diagnose obstacles to success, address specific needs, augment skill sets, and create short- and long-term business plans to position companies of all sizes and specialties for success.

We listen.

We believe the best way to understand you and your business is to listen—to you, your team members, and your clients. Listening with intention enables us to learn, collaborate, and guide.

We are problem solvers.

We bring creativity to every business challenge. By looking at your business from the outside in, we’re able to bring perspective and creativity to problems of every scale.

We are relationship builders.

Strong businesses are built on strong relationships with prospects, customers, suppliers, and team members. Skilled and compassionate communicators, we work with you to strengthen your relationships at every touchpoint.

We value honesty and transparency.

Change is hard. We help ease the way by sharing our findings and our solutions clearly, honestly, and with complete transparency—even when we realize the truth we see may be challenging to hear.

We deliver lasting quality and value.

Solving complex challenges requires experience, intuition, and competence. Our decades-long background in strategy, operations, and technology gives us the tools to quickly deliver tangible, high-value results that create long-term impact.


Raúl Alvarado

“Our ability to quickly identify and diagnose organizational issues and our uncompromising focus on top-line growth and operational excellence produce real results.”

Previously Global Chief Operating officer for two of Accenture’s multi-billion-dollar units and the managing director of its Southern California practice; Raúl Alvarado works with senior management on strategy, operations, and technology. His broad, cross-industry international experience provides him with a keen ability to develop simple, easy to understand, and pragmatic approaches that yield bottom-line results.

A former board chair of Children’s Institute, Raúl is passionate about community engagement and in 2006, he founded A Thousand Joys, a nonprofit organization focused on the development of resilient, joyful, and engaged individuals, schools, and organizations. He has an MSIA (MBA) from Purdue University and a BS in Chemical & Petroleum Refining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Robert Grant

“Today’s business environment offers phenomenal opportunities for organizations that take action to embrace a new normal. We make it easier for organizations to thrive amid dynamic change."

An experienced entrepreneur, executive, and business development coach, Robert Grant started his career with Accenture Consulting and has held senior Business Strategy, Demand Creation, Sales, and Operations Management positions with NYSE-listed public companies, start-ups, large multi-national private companies, and non-profit organizations.

Robert helps develop strong teams that maximize results, enhance customer loyalty, optimize internal operations, and encourage employee engagement. An expert in leading change, achieving collaboration, and driving results, Robert focuses on simplifying complex problems and developing compelling solutions that create momentum, enthusiasm, and progress.

He has served as a board member and supported various non-profit organizations working in education, housing, foster care, mental health, occupational support, and trauma-informed care. Robert holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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