“I have learned a lot from working with Raul. He is by far the partner who has impacted my personal development the most. He has shown me the importance of integrity and principled leadership and how it makes me successful in business as well as in my personal life. Although we do not work directly with each other anymore, I still view him as a personal mentor.”

European Technology Senior Executive

“Robert is a brilliant strategist, marketer, and leader. He is extremely action oriented and his actions are all well planned and executed!”

CEO, High Tech Company

“Raul brings a unique focus to his job. It is a blend of top-line growth and operational excellence built on truly global, cross market unit experience. His insights and pragmatic approach encourages us to think differently about the challenges we all face.”

U.S. Retail & Consumer Products Senior Executive

“Raul has brought a fresh perspective on growth and attacking white space. He has challenged our thinking on boundaries and new possibilities, and he has encouraged us to be bolder in our pursuit of new business.”

U.S. Industrial Products Senior Executive

“Raul has an incredible presence that balances stern power and honest elegance. He is extremely principle-oriented and has been a role model for all those working with him to work together with our clients to achieve the best results for both parties. He is also a role model for balancing work and your personal life by both his words of encouragement and his actions.”

U.S. Technology & Software Senior Executive

“Through my years with the Company, I have worked with many challenging partners. I have learned a lot from each of them but Raul is the only one who has made me look into myself and challenged all my capabilities. In a five-minute conversation he can generate a week’s worth of work, but I do not mind because he gives me freedom in how I get it accomplished and he trusts my abilities. He’s a great mentor and leader.”

Senior Executive Assistant

“Having worked with Raul over the past decade or so, I am most impressed by his ability to be extraordinarily principled in all his client and internal interactions to help achieve mutual objectives. His broad international experiences and inspiring leadership have facilitated a cultural and individual sensitivity in him that naturally cultivates teamwork, cohesion, and a drive to be successful.”

U.S. Industrial and Technology Senior Executive