Robert Grant


Raul Alvarado


Genesis of Alvarado Grant


Raul Alvarado and Robert Grant, originally Accenture colleagues, following later diverse professional careers, joined forces in 2018 to work in areas that they enjoy where they can make a significant and material impact with their clients. They both have a passion for excellence and high-performance delivery of tangible business results.


Often companies with a great strategic vision or superior technology have significant challenges generating demand, delivering strong operations and financial practices, and developing a high performing management team. Alvarado Grant can quickly assess key areas requiring attention and develop and implement practical, cost-effective, and impactful solutions.


Raul is an experienced business and technology Senior Executive and Chairperson with a demonstrated track record of working with commercial companies and non-profit organizations. He has extensive experience in helping companies drive value and profitability. He started his career with Accenture, a global management consulting and technology firm. Raul worked around the world in his role of Global Business Unit COO and has resided in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. He enjoys working with clients to deliver high performance and tangible results. He is focused on driving simplicity from complexity. Raul has an M.S.I.A. (MBA) from Purdue University and a Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.


Robert is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and business development expert.  He started his career at Accenture Consulting and has held senior Business Strategy, Demand Creation, Sales, and Operations Management positions with NYSE-listed public companies as well as start-ups to large, multi-national private companies and non-profit organizations.   Robert is a hands-on leader who takes a strategic and focused approach to develop strong teams to maximize financial results, enhance customer loyalty, optimize internal operations, and encourage employee engagement. He has expertise in leading change, achieving collaboration and driving results in multiple sized businesses; utilizing key performance metrics and data analytics to increase revenue, profit, and operational efficiencies.  Robert is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with B.S./M.E. degrees in Engineering.